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Compassion @ Work 

Teacher: Dr. Immanual Joseph, PhD, CPC
  • Live and On-Demand Webinar course for workplace compassion skills.
  • Online learning with follow-up live contact classes.
  • 8 one-hour webinar sessions to help attendees thrive as compassionate individuals and leaders

Compassion learning online



The intent of this online course offered in webinar format is to create awareness and shifts toward building compassionate workplaces. Compassion, the skill to be present and responsive to our own and other's sufferings, can elevate the quality of our workplace experiences and offer an undue human and business advantage. The framework of this webinar, The 9-Pillars has been field-tested in large and small organizations globally with amazing results.

Compassion @ Work is a webinar course that helps attendees understand and apply compassion tools in their workplaces.

  • Learn the why, what and how of workplace compassion using the 9-Pillars framework

  • Live and On-demand webinar formats for flexible learning

  • Monthly live contact sessions with the teacher to clarify and reinforce learning

  • Hands-on exercises and Offline resources to support compassion practices

9-pillars book cover.png

The Teacher

Immanual Joseph PhD is the creator of the 9-Pillars of compassion framework and the author of The Fifth Revolution- Reinventing Workplace Happiness, Health, and Engagement through Compassion. Immanual has taught compassion at companies including Salesforce, HSBC, Amazon, Box, EdCast, Charles Schwab and many others. Immanual is a cancer scientist by training and a certified coach. His unwavering passion is to help create workplaces that are compassionate, happy and successful.

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