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Leading with Compassion 

Inner Transformation for Organizational Change

Mount Madonna Center, Watsonville, CA

APRIL 10th to 12th, 2020.


Compassion is a strategic leadership advantage

The intention of this retreat is to help you elevate your leadership impact by shifting yourself from within. This two-day retreat offers an interactive and self-transformative exploration of compassionate leadership. Workplace compassion skills allows leaders to get an unbiased read of their organization's human challenges. Leaders will co-create compassion-based win-win outcomes for their organization, the customers and the people they serve.

In this two day retreat you will 

  • Learn tools to look at challenges with openness and curiosity

  • Interactively explore the 9-Pillars of Compassion framework 

  • Re-energize, self reflect, meditate

  • Co-create compassion solutions for your organization's challenges with other leaders


You will leave with the inspiration, skills and tools to create compassionate shifts in your workplace.



Mount Madonna Center offers a beautiful, warm natural setting for group workshops and retreats. The 355 acres of redwood groves, hiking trails, and meadows are infused with a sense of peace, spaciousness, and heartfelt service. This setting also includes a Vedic temple offering ceremonies of light each morning and evening. 

The community staff and the serene landscape provide a nourishing backdrop to support and inspire your group as you delve into your retreat or program offerings.

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sadanandji image.jpeg

Ward Mailliard

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Board Member, Hanuman Fellowship

Teacher/Administrator/Board Member, Mount Madonna School


Karl Mehta

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder and CEO, EdCast

Founder, Code for India

Author, Financial Inclusion


Dr. Immanual Joseph

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Chief Compassion Officer, Compassionleaders

Former Cancer Scientist


This is an intimate retreat for a limited number of participants. Please register early to reserve your spot.

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