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Compassion Hackathons

- at your Site or
- at our Mountain View, CA Location

What is a Compassion Hackathon?

Compassion hackathons are guided high-impact group events to help teams and groups learn and create compassion-centric solutions for work-life challenges.

  • Interactive learning of the 9-Pillars, exploring workplace compassion skills and tools

  • Identifying challenges

  • Co-creating solutions and roadmaps


Compassion Hackathons are unique, personalized experiences aimed for long-term transformation.

Our hackathons can be short or long, from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on what your team hopes to achieve.

Our trained compassion instructors can conduct hackathons in your company. If your organization happens to be in the California Bay Area, we would love to host you in our office. Please contact us for availability and logistics. 

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